Why Learn to Speak English?

The British Empire made English the global language it is today. According to the World Economic Forum in an article entitled – Which languages do most people want to learn?:

“A total of 335 million people have English as their native tongue; 225 million of them in the United States. English is spoken in 110 countries, more than any other language.”

According to the data in a new language visual map, which shows :

“…the distribution of languages closely follows patterns of human migration, colonization and religious influence.”

According to an article on Babbel:

(there are… added by writer) “360 million-odd native English speakers, or … half a billion people who speak it as a second language. This indicates the remarkable success of English as the lingua franca of business, travel and international relations. The relative ease with which English can be picked up (especially compared with Chinese) and the pervasive soft power of US culture mean that English will continue to dominate the world stage.”

For this reason sign up today to improve your English communication and conversation skills, in order to improve your life opportunities, in work, travel, study and personal growth. Contact me.



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